Cellulose Spray Insulation

Today, consumers are focusing on the environment more and more each day.  This is a very important concern when building a new home or reinsulating an existing home. Cellulose spray insulation is a green alternative to traditional insulation materials.

Cellulose insulation helps consumers cut down on this damage to the environment.  Cellulose is made from recycled material with absolutely zero waste.  The material is very dense and therefore making air harder to escape from your home.  Cellulose requires fewer natural resources and less energy is used when the material is being manufactured.  The material is fire resistent, which carries a Class 1 fire rating and is non-flammable.   The manufacturers are not releasing wastewater, hazardous waste, or toxic air.

The demand for efficiency in buildings and homes is increasing, due to the fact that consumers are becoming more aware of the environment and making sure that the air we breathe is clean.

You may visit www.applegateinsulation.com to learn more about the importance of making sure our environment is clean and clear for our families.