Q: What is R-Value?
A: “R-Value” is another word for measurement of insulation. The larger or greater the R-Value, the thicker the insulation.

Q: How much R-Value should I have in my home?
A: This depends on the climate where you live. Louisiana is in Zone 2 where standards call for R-13 KF (exterior walls), R-19 KF (knee walls) and R-30 (attic).

Q: What are batts?
A: Batts are large rolls of insulation that an installer rolls out and places in walls and in some areas of the attic.

Q: What is Blown-in insulation?

A: Blown-in installation is loose fiber-glass insulation from a machine. Installers blow in the installation into attics and also into walls.

Q: How can I make sure my home will be energy efficient?
A: (1) Have the right R-Value. There are set limits on insulation for different areas of the country. The standards for the Zone 2 areas (Louisiana) are R-13 KF for exterior walls, R-19 KF for knee walls (walls open to the attic) and R-30 blown into the attic.

(2) Be sure to use Polycel foam around all electrical and plumbing penetrations, doors and base plates.

(3) Consider upgrading your 2X4 exterior walls to R-15 KF. If a 2X6 exterior wall is used in your home, you can choose R-19 or R-21 KF.

(4) You can also upgrade your attic from R-30 to R-38 for greater comfort.