Spray Foam Project

We recently completed a spray foam job on a home for a gentleman and his wife located in Desoto Parish.   I only dealt with the husband and let me say, what a wonderful person he is.  When he came into our office, he had already done his homework on spray foam.  He even schooled me on a few things.  There is one thing he taught me to do in my own home I never knew to do, and to this day…I do it.  We spent approximately two hours visiting about foam and getting aquainted with each other as homeowner and sub-contractor.  He knew what he wanted regarding spray foam insulation and we made sure it was provided for him.  He is getting all of his “boy rooms” in this house….ex: theatre room, his own mud room, his office….a drain in the center of the garage floor to wash his cars, I would say he is spoiled!!!…..but he deserves it!!!….He is building a beautiful home and I can’t wait to see it finished. Now, I am waiting for an invite to fish in his private pond he will have (another one of his boy toys).  Better get my fishing pole and tackle box ready!!!

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