Dear Mr. Carroll,

With the extreme weather we’ve been having I thought I might have the insulation checked in the attic of the house I bought about 4 years ago.  Even last summer I was concerned because my a/c unit would not turn off, sometimes for several days.  My mother and I had been comparing electricity bills and her house is three times the size mine is, yet my bills were twice what hers are.  I remembered seeing your company on Dirty Jobs and after viewing your website I contacted your office  about different options and pricing.  Being completely ignorant about insulation, I had absolutely no idea how much such a project would cost, and was fearful that this, like other projects with this house, would be much more than I could afford.  Of course I knew the only way to be sure was to have one of your representatives come and look. 

I was horrified to find out that not only did I not have adequate insulation, I had none.  Absolutely none.  That answered alot of questions.  I knew this was a bad thing and that this problem needed to be addressed immediately. 

You rep explained thoroughly all the options I had and how it would be done and gave me a written quote which was better than I could have imagined. 

The day of the installation, your workmen arrived at exactly the time agreed upon.  Now, this is just unheard of.  Workmen actually showing up on the right day is a cause for celebration for me.  The gentlemen that came to my house were pleasant and courteous, and patient with my litany of questions about the process.   And it was so fast!  But what really made the day for me…they cleaned up after themselves.    A few little stray pieces of insulation had fallen from the attic opening and they brought in their own stuff to clean up with!  Then, they opened the door to the inside part of the a/c unit and cleaned more that had fallen.  I would have never known it was there until the next time I changed the filter.  I was truly amazed. 

Here’s the best part and the reason I’m writing to you.  Your guys were at my house on a Thursday.  I was sitting in my kitchen Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden, the a/c cut off.  I thought the electricity had gone off!  But then I realized everything else was still on.  This might be a standard occurrence in some houses, but for me, an a/c that cuts off in the middle of the day in August either means trouble, or a miracle has happened.  I elected to ignore it for the time being, and much to my surprise, it came back on a little while later.  It continued to repeat this cycle for the rest of the day and then throughout the entire weekend!  At one point I had to get up and adjust the thermostat because I was COLD.  IN AUGUST–COLD.   I can’t wait to see what the economic benefits are going to be!   

Sir, it may not seem like such a big deal to you, but to do business with someone that actually does what they are supposed to do is a rare and pleasant experience.  I want to thank you, your staff and employees.

I am extremely impressed with your organization and service.  The attitudes and demeanor of your employees do you credit.  You can count me as your biggest fan and if anyone ever asks for a reference, please feel free to share my contact information. 

K  Stewart